What’s your ‘Micro Goal’ this week?

We all have long term goals, whether it is buying a home, writing a book, or losing weight. We may not know that we have them, they may just be ideas that we have or things that we want to do, not realising they are a goal, but even if you dent know it yet, you are on one micro-goal away from the start of your journey to success.

Author: Nicky Forster


I recently did a goalsetting exercise with a client who didn’t feel that she had any real goals, there were things that she wanted to achieve in her lifetime but she surprisingly didn’t see them as being goals, after 30 minutes off writing all the things down that she knew she wanted to do, and lots more things she didn’t even realise that she wanted to do, she ended up with a list of over 40 goals.


Obviously, these ranged from short-term goals to mid-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are up to 1 year, mid-term goals from 3-5 years and long-term goals 10yrs years plus.

She selected three short-term goals to focus on and we set about breaking these down into a more manageable plan.

Motivation is always high at the start of our goals. Think New Year’s, Resolutions, we want the change so much. We join the gym, change our diet, and start of on our journey.

And then by the end of January, we get overwhelmed, and we quit.

There are two main reasons why people fail to achieve success with their goals,


  1. They don’t have a plan linked to the ultimate goal, setting out the steps along the way. This plan must be written down.


2.  The steps at the onset of the goal or spread out too far apart


Micro goals are a great way to set a plan of actionable steps linked to the ultimate vision




A ‘Micro Goal’ is exactly as its name suggests, it is a small goal that is easy to achieve and helps us with both motivation and adherence to our longer plans.


Micro goals can ultimately lead to your long-term goal, or they can just be a stand-alone goal that you want to achieve and then move on, either is fine.


As with all goals we need to be specific with our micro-goals for maximum success rate.


A micro goal linked to a long-term goal could be if we are trying to lose weight, all the information surrounding nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration can be extremely daunting and leave us overloaded with information. Ultimately with this goal we want to put ourselves in a calorie deficit, so setting a micro goal of a daily 500 calorie deficit from our daily allowance would result in a 1lb loss of fat/weight per week.

A stand alone micro goal could be to drink at least 2 L of water a day or two get into bed at 10:30 pm at least five nights a week.



Set a ‘micro goal’ every day and commit to achieving it, no matter how big or small these wins are, they are vital for the bigger goals.


What’s your Micro Goal this week?

For advice on how to make goal setting work for you, contact me for information nicky@nickyforster.com

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