Are You Focussing on the Framework?

Research suggests very few people achieve their goals, whether it is a professional goal or individual goal.


Goals are individual, they are personal and therefore legitimate to any person, so if there’s nothing wrong with the goals they are setting, so why do so many people end up unsuccessful?


In many cases, there is something wrong with the framework or system.

Author: Nicky Forster



All successful people have goals, whether it is scaling a business up as a professional or cutting weight down as an individual goal.

When you set a goal your focus is on the result you want to achieve, but a system is about the process you’re going to use to get there.

A football coach may have a goal of winning a league or cup, but the best way to do this is to improve his team by focusing on a framework of daily practices to improve their playing skills, not by focusing on winning the league.


By focusing on the outcome, we forget about the system we’re going use to get to the outcome.


To reach your goals, you must develop a framework to get you to your destination.


We use these systems or frameworks in all areas of our life, whether it is organising our finances so we can pay our bills at the end of the month or planning our morning routine to get to work on time, we rely on them without thinking about it and they soon become habits.

As a goal-setting coach, I help businesses and individuals, both professionally and individually, set goals and work towards achieving them. However, it is never about reaching the destination and drifting to back to old habits once the goal has been achieved, that is the yo-yo effect, people who go on diets quickly, lose motivation and put the weight back on once they’ve achieved their weight goal because they go back to their old eating habits instead of developing a system that will maintain their desired weight


Life isn’t about making single accomplishments, it’s about continuous improvement, the one percent rule of small daily incremental improvements to our life amounts to huge personal and professional development over time.


I use frameworks within my life on a daily basis, regularly evaluating them to check that they still are helping me towards the aim of using the framework.

My Perfect Average Day helps me to organise my day to improve my productivity. This exercise designs an average day, a day without doing anything special like getting married or going on holiday, it can be a workday or weekend day.


To meditate and practice mindfulness, I use the Wim Hof – the ‘Ice Man’ as seen on BBC’s recent ‘Freeze the Fear’ – method of breathwork and cold water immersion – in the form of a cold outdoor shower – again which sticks to a clear framework for maximum effect.

With clients, whatever their needs, frameworks are fundamental to achieving success and hold us accountable every step of the way. They give us a structure, discipline and the clear pathway from vision to reality. Whether we are setting Objectives and Key Results – OKR’s, SMART goals or using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, these frameworks are put in place to continually use beyond the objective point and continue performance and improvement.


At a professional level, many companies have a vision or mission and take these directly to daily tasks, business frameworks are fundamental for bridging the gap between the overall vision and daily actions.


Of course, it’s never plain sailing, there will always be things that stagnate us and even take us back a step or two, the Coronavirus pandemic has been a great example of that, but by using the right method to reach your goals, it will make the difference between success and failure.


Of course, understanding where you want to go it’s fundamental, how are you going to develop a system if you don’t know where you want to go.


So set your goal, and then focus on the right system to get your desired outcome, if you don’t you will fail every time.


What is your favourite personal or professional framework?


If you want help on setting frameworks to your company vision, or individuals goals then contact me for further information.


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