Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Goal Setting Coaching

What is a goal setting coach ?

A Goalsetting coach will help you through the process of deciding WHAT you want and help set a plan of action commitments towards HOW you will achieve the desired result.

What service do they provide?

A Goalsetting coach will help the client get clarity about WHAT they want to achieve and HOW to achieve it. They can help with a range of services including self-confidence, time management, work/life balance and career progression. They will help with planning, accountability, setbacks, focus and adherence to the plan. A good Goalsetting coach will be on hand every step of the way helping their client realise their goal.

How do they provide the service?

Sessions can be provided to suit the client via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or in-person. Additional contact can be made via email and telephone meetings/conversations and WhatsApp.


Why have a goalsetting coach?

There is more to a goalsetting coach than just goalsetting.

“Success requires hard work and the essential requirement for hard work is self-discipline. We will only be able to achieve success when we have overcome the natural tendency to cut corners and take the easy way. Your attitude towards achieving your goals is as important as the plan you put in place towards achieving them. Belief, Focus and Attitude are fundamental to your mindset, as a goalsetting coach I will help every step of the way.”
Nicky Forster

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