Why spring is the best time to spring into action?

Did you know that spring is the best time of the year to look up to the skies and watch meteor showers?

One of which is the Lyrids meteor shower, which appears from April 16th to April 26th each year.


A useless bit of information you may think , well maybe . . . . . . but there are reasons for me thinking that this time of year is a great time to not only enjoy the first rays of sunshine and warmth on our faces, the bright yellow daffodils that encircle our parks and gardens and the two extra rest days in the middle of the month (Good Friday and Easter Monday), but this is a great time to look up, get up, look out and get out in many ways be it a physical, mental or a professional capacity.

Author: Nicky Forster

As a marathon runner, this time is historically when tapering begins, after all the training has been done, the hours of running in cold, wet and windy conditions, the final few weeks is a period when the training plan allows you to reduce exercise levels in preparation for the marathon event itself, or as a good friend of mine calls it ‘the lap of honour’


Spring is a season of new growth and fresh starts, this can be applied to all areas of our life, and your career is no exception.

There is a proven link between personal development and happiness, and it goes the other way with us feeling disappointed, frustrated and I’m happy if we feel that our life isn’t making the progression that we want it to.


This is good news because, there are also more jobs on offer in the spring than any other time in the year, so maybe it’s a great opportunity to think about your current position, look forward and make decisions towards a better version of yourself.

The expression look forward is a common expression we use to say that we are happy that something is going to happen, looking forward is a great way to access where we want to be compared to where we currently are, the life in front of us is far more important than the life behind us.

Personal growth is important in many aspects of our life, whether it is mental growth, social, spiritual, emotional, or physical, understanding an area of personal growth that we need to develop is the first step in development. This obviously requires a period of introspection, a time for reflection where we look inside ourselves and see what we can do to improve our position. At a time like this it’s always good to start by reminding ourselves of our strengths.


A great way to do this is to list the areas of consideration, then make a simple list of pros and cons in each of these areas, you’ll be surprised at how many strengths do you have and how easy it is to identify areas for improvement.

Once you’ve chosen an area, this then becomes your goal, and I advise never to have more than three goals running simultaneously.

If this still feels a daunting task, then a coach may be the best way forward, over the past two years, the self-improvement industry has increased at an unprecedented rate. Since the global pandemic, I have seen noticeable increase in people investing time and finances to their own personal development to improve the quality of their lives, and studies suggest that over the next decade that trend is going to increase by 6% annually.

As always, we have a choice, we will always have a choice

Happiness starts with you, not with your relationship, not with your job, not with your money, but with you.

If you would like advice on personal development coaching, please drop me an email and I would be happy to help you with your journey of self-improvement.


Author – Nicky Forster

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