Set Meaningful Goals. Why? Your Setting Mundane Ones Already

As soon as your eyes open in the morning, you must start making decisions.

Hit the snooze button, or get up right away?

Coffee before shower, or shower first?

What should I wear?

Am I going to exercise today, or shall I do it later, or skip it?

Author: Nicky Forster

Decisions, decisions, decisions


These decisions are all a series of choices that lead towards setting micro goals.

These morning decisions cause stress, many of them are taken out of the equation by our habits and routines that we set, these routines are there to manage many of the insignificant petty decisions of life.


We set goals in our life on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, often they are mundane and uninspiring goals, and we probably don’t see them as a goal, but they are there.


Whether it is getting to a bus stop or train station in time, arriving at a meeting prepared, or completing a piece of work by a specified deadline, goal pursuit and goal achievement are every day parts of our lives whether we understand that or not.


Every Thursday night just before going to bed my wife will say to me “have you put the bins out tonight?”, usually resulting in me walking up the garden path, in my underwear, muttering an expletive ridden rant to myself accompanied by two Sulo wheelie bins. The ultimate humiliation is when I am met by people in the street or even worse the next-door neighbour coming home late from work.


At the end of each month, we all have bills to pay, services to meet in order to keep the basic essentials of life, like the collection of our rubbish each week running smoothly. These essentials help to maintain a basic quality in our life, without our bins being emptied, rubbish builds up, starts to smell, and ultimately, we will end up with a life in the worst state, the graph of our life would not be going in the right direction.


We all have a target to reach at the end of each month, we must earn a certain amount of money to be able to fulfil all of our financial outgoings, and we hope to have some extra for ourselves. Our lives are full of aims and purposes that we must have carefully constructed plans in order to achieve them on a regular basis.


That said, do with the have same plans in our personal lives?

Do we have the same plans in our professional life?

Do we just have dreams without a designated plan?

Are we hoping that we will get from where we are now to achieving that dream?

Studies suggest that amount of people that set goals, and have a clear structured plan written down towards goal achievement is as low as 3%.


Now setting goals is not a new idea, with everyone from the world’s leading motivational speakers like Grant Cardone, as well as famous influencers like Joe Wicks, The Body Coach or stating that we should be setting goals as part of a high rewarding, high achieving lifestyle.


But doesn’t it make sense if we are already in the practice of goal pursuit goal achievement, albeit in a routine mundane and boring sense, to do the same but with a different end result, and then result then inspires us, motivates us, and ultimately leads to us having lifelong emotional memories relating to these goals.


I mean it would be pretty uninspiring, if, at the end of our life, we looked down the corridor of our museum of life, with the exhibits on show being our greatest memories, and these being putting the bins out on a Thursday night, and never missing a council tax payment . . . . . . or worse, filled with box sets of Netflix.


To create meaningful, lasting, emotive memories, we often have to put more time, more effort, more financial investment, and a collaborative effort with those we want to share the experience with, in order to achieve these.


In short, we need to have a plan of action, we need to make the aim or purpose a goal.

So, start thinking of the things you want to do, the places you want to go, the things you want to see, the people you want to share these experiences with, the person you want to be, physically, emotionally and spiritually, what do you want from your career, the financial planning you need at the end of that career.


Decide on some goals and then begin to set out a plan of action towards how you will achieve the goal.


Write them down


Start your journey


“The goal is not to be better than the other person, but your previous self”.


Delai Llama

Be the best version of you

Your journey to a brighter future starts here

Let’s do it!

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