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Running and Living with Purpose

The NC500 Guide to Life

Day 8 - We live in the Present

Day 8

We live in the Present

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, when is the future?

We often live in a dream of keeping a vision alive, believing that when we achieve that dream, or particular vision, all will be ok, and we will be happier than we currently are.

Don’t get me wrong, our mind has the ability to wish up a beautiful dream for our future, but we hold onto this as our purpose, saying to ourselves, “when I get there”, or “when I achieve that, all will be fine again”, but we are almost wishing away the time between then and now.

One great thing about the NC500 challenge was that nearly all of it was lived in the present, there was no daily juggle of commitments against time, no thinking ahead of me, no anxiety, no pressures of what’s to come, overshadowing the present.

It was a simple get from A to B

This could take, depending on distance, terrain, mood, weather, anything from 8-14 hours, so I made the decision early on, to enjoy every bloody moment of it, the scenery, the challenge, the pain, the rain, the time  . . .

of course I failed . . . . . . . . drifting off repeatedly to the comfort, or discomfort of the future.

But I got better, even good, at recognising this when it was happening and pulling myself back into the NOW.

Pain is a good anchor point for the now, but it can be unpleasant, I’ve spoken of this in my blog, Day 3 – Pain is a real Anchor Point for Life meaningful connections with people also brings a present focus, but we spend large periods wanting something out of current reach.

With every step I took during the 15 days, I felt connected to the world around me, even part of it, each foot contact was a reminder of the beauty of being outside and doing something primal, something we humans have been doing for thousands of years, running.

Each day was filled with a journey into a new territory, a journey that took me into self-discovery and to living fully in the present.

There was a sense of vulnerability of what was ahead, but that too happens to us every day when we get up, not knowing how well the day will go.

There were moments of doubt, moments when my body cried for rest, but quickly I understood that the present was the only moment that truly mattered, and what did I do when I was unsure? – keep it simple, stupid.

When we look beyond the now, designing the future, we are trying to control the moments of now, ahead in time.

The problem with this is that were searching for something that ultimately can never satisfy, the answers that we chase only ever bring short term moments of pleasure.

It’s good to reflect on the past and plan for the future, but excessively dwelling on either of these means when are not truly making the most or enjoying the now.

Time moves so fast in a linear direction, but life happens here and now.

If we don’t live in it, we miss it.

Marcus Aurelius said

‘Objective judgement at this very moment.

Unselfish action at this very moment.

Willing acceptance at this very moment of all external events.

That is all you need’

And he wasn’t wrong

Be the best version of you

Your journey to a brighter future starts here

Let’s do it!

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