Are You Living Your Perfect Average Day?

Research shows that 95% of our life is automatic, meaning that we aren’t being intentional about most of the choices we make each day, instead, we’re letting life come as it is rather than shaping it into what we want to experience.


Is it time to take back that control and live a life of fulfilment and personal development?

Author: Nicky Forster

Every single day you make 1,000s of choices

Between the moment you wake up and the moment you leave your front door for work, you make 100s of choices:

A life is made up of many years. Years are a made of many months. Months are made of many days. Days are made up of many hours. Hours are made up of many minutes. And minutes are made of many moments. Therefore, life is in the moments. 

How you choose to spend your time will determine the quality of your life. You can either create moments or appreciate the ones that are made for you.

So many people of us are clear on what we don’t want, and what makes us unhappy. It’s far less common for us to know what we do want, what we want to experience and who we want to be with.

This exercise designs our perfect average day, a day without doing anything special like getting married or going on holiday, it can be a workday or a weekend day, and focusses us on the  components of life we want to work on, to make us as complete as we can be. These areas include our relationships with friends and family, health & exercise, our social time, personal development and our financial affairs.

Obviously, most days must include things we need to do (urgent) that we don’t want to do (not important), these include going to work, cleaning our house, putting out the bins etc . . If we don’t keep on top of these then our life will be worse as a result so they need to be included – try to link into the Eat a Frog framework for this and get those jobs you don’t like done at the first part of the day.

Questions to help with this exercise.

  1. What time would you wake up?
  2. What would your morning routine look like?
  3. What would you have for breakfast?
  4. What do you need to do?
  5. What would you do in the evening?
  6. How would exercise fit into your day?
  7. How would you connect with your friends and family?
  8. What hobbies would you be doing?
  9. How would you feel spiritual fulfilment on a daily basis?
  10. What are you doing for personal development.


I’ve have used this method for several years now and where possible I will always follow my routine, there are obviously days when commitments won’t allow it, but like any habit, if I  can’t fulfil these on one particular day and I will endeavour to make sure that I pick them up again the following day

My Perfect Average Day

   Work Day                                             Weekend

Wake Up 5.45am                                  Wake Up 5.45am

Meditation                                               Meditation

Cold Shower                                             Cold Shower

Personal Development/Learning           Personal Development/Learning

Work                                                       Exercise

Family Time                                           Family Time

Personal Development/Learning           Personal Development/Learning

Reading/Podcast                                     Reading/Podcast

Sleep                                                         Sleep



Focus on making a small habit change every day for the next few weeks. Once it becomes habit, move on to the next thing on your “perfect average day” list.


More than anything else, creating better habits will help you be moe productive with your time and accomplish your goals.

Make a commitment to live out your ideal day, every day, tarting from today.


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